Pierre-Luc Poujol


In the artistic line of action painting and abstract expressionism, Pierre-Luc Poujol chooses to paint using splashing and dripping method without having any direct contact with the support. Thus, he faces the emptiness of the canvas, aiming at projecting order and meaning on it with a strong desire to explore and discover new territories. If aestheticism and retinal emotion prevail in his paintings, the artist gives a prominent place to symbolism.  Pierre-Luc Poujol hides in order to better reveal and find a way to express his sensitivity to the surrounding world which leaves him a subtle and reinterpreted mark and language.  Those superimpositions of colors, those changes of directions are harmonized by their succession, their repetition playing each time with the dynamic of the canvas until reaching a perfect whole. The energy is moving with a liberating ease. Pierre-Luc Poujol offers such a range of personal interpretations it gives everyone the freedom to appropriate it, to be moved, to wonder and to look into oneself.

NEWS : Timeless Tales II

3.3. – 4.4.2020 The second edition of TIMELESS TALES II showcases recent works by Marcin OWCZAREK, a young