• Pierre-Luc Poujol

  • Brixy

  • Jean Starck

Jean Starck, Brixy, Pierre-Luc Poujol

Exhibition starts September 3 2019 until October 5 2019

Selected artworks of Jean Starck, Brixy and Pierre-Luc Poujol are showcase during this exhibition.

JEAN STARCK, co-founder of the ART CLOCHE movement in Paris in the 80ies, exhibits artworks created between the year 2000 and 2016. URBAN ART treating the theme of the DOG – FROM ONE OF THE FATHERS OF THE URBAN

BRIXY’s paintings in the series “Surprise” speak of the in-between worlds, almost unplaceable, discernable only within an enormous density of overlapping layers. The painting series “Surprise” draws the spectator into stormy seas of paint, in landscapes of caves, in fantasy worlds, full of magical, primal forces. In ancient mythological scenarios. We track through a haunted world of ballads. The success of Brixy’s works of art is largely the result of the fact that he continuously reinvents himself as an artist and continues to develop in his work without abandoning his core belief in the unity of life and oeuvre.

In the artistic line of action painting and abstract expressionism, Pierre-Luc POUJOL (France / USA / Miami) chooses to paint using splashing and dripping method without having any direct contact with the support.


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