Ongoing until 11th of November 2023

“SPACE, SHAPE and COLOUR”. The main expression forms in Valentina Richter‘s works are the lines and the colors. With the line she doesn’t define only the form, but also expresses their psychology, that says, she is giving it a spiritual volume. The lines in combination with the colours produce a feeling for space and motion in her pictures (canvas, water-colours and etchings), and are also the expression of her artistic sentimentality. She admires the principle of the renaissance painting and the frescos (expressing space and shape with lines and colours), and tries, as an artist, to implement this in her pictures in a modern way. The paintings are abstract, effected by the expand of the imagination and at the same time concrete, by expression of the real world which surrounds us. The pictures are beyond space and time. The surrealistic moments are also obvious, as many themes are descended of the world of imagination and dreams. Sometimes the pictures tell one or more stories and another time the pictures will be assimiliated by the suggestion of the spectator.

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