Ongoing exhibition : 4.6. – 3.7.2020

A selection of dazzling paintings immediately strikes the visitor of this exhibition: Dietmar Brixy (Germany), Pierre-Luc Poujol (France), two contemporary painters, and one post-war artist Jacques Nestlé, who left Germany in 1933 and adopted Paris as his home town.

BRIXY – Germany > view artworks

 In his own artistic cosmos, Brixy creates a world of pictorial possibilities full of fantasy for the spectator, who is drawn into stormy seas of paint, landscapes of caves, and ancient mythological scenarios. His oeuvre is a permanent quest, ostentatiously creative and richly varied, a transformation of his own existence into currents of color, an intense transformation into poetry of experiences that represents a continuous assertion of life.

PIERRE-LUC POUJOL – USA/France  > view artworks

In the artistic line of action painting and abstract expressionism, Pierre-Luc Poujol chooses to paint using splashing and dripping methods without having any direct contact with the canvas.

His impulsive, yet calculated arm and hand gestures allow him to create an abundant mix of shimmering colors in surprising combinations.

JACQUES NESTLÉ (1907, Sarrebruck – 1991, Paris) – FRANCEview artworks

The artist was influenced by the Bauhaus movement and avant-garde artists. In 1933, he surrendered to the calling of France, and soon joined numerous artists in Paris.

Henri Matisse noticed his work, encouraged him and inspired him lastingly.

Jacques Nestlé is the painter of colors and forms, His art cultivates a deliberate ambiguity between figuration and abstraction, evolving towards a personal form of lyric abstraction in which the artist unleashes his direct expression, a reflection of his inner emotions.