Exhibition starts May 16, 2019 

In its 4th edition of the cycle “A Collector’s Story” CULTUREINSIDE GALLERY presents the exhibition “NUS FEMININS (NUDES) of Jacques Nestlé created in the fifities. Jacques Nestlé was born in 1907 in Saarbrucken, close to the border of Luxembourg. He died in Paris in 1991.

He moved to Berlin in 1925 where he was influenced by the Bauhaus movement and avant-garde artists, including his contemporaries Kandinsky and Paul Klee. In 1933, he surrendered to the calling of France, and soon joined numerous artists in Paris where the Modern Art revolution was already in progress since the middle of the 19th century.

His art cultivates a deliberate ambiguity between figuration and abstraction, evolving towards a personal form of lyric abstraction in which the artist unleashes his direct expression, a reflection of his inner emotions. His nudes, sometimes stylized to the extreme, in which feminine forms melt into outlines and colored contours, recall the nude curves of Matisse, or the anatomical compositions distinctive of the cubist nudes of Picasso.

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