View the video : Autogenesis – version (01) Extract 10 minutes.
To shed more light on how Autogenesis is working, first of all we shall have a review on general definition of Generative Art. A field of art in which the artist applies a system to produce an artwork is called “Generative Art”. The system can be an integration of natural language, computer programming or other related innovative mechanisms that are able to render a level of autonomy in part or in the whole fabrication process of the art work. Generative Art can be Hi-tech or non-high-tech, yet the core system needs to be designed in a way to be able to manage the terminal work autonomously. As a result, generative art refers to how the core system is working and the creation process of the artwork. Thus, to discover its link with its production reasons and understanding its content, initially we must investigate system producer algorithms; because despite the fact that the core system is 
constantly hidden, it is the fundamental and constitutive part of the final art work. Author : Nikzad Arabshahi