CULTUREINSIDE GALLERY presents in its exhibition entitled “FACETS of NATURE” the different facets of Nature, according to three artists in the gallery: Thierry BRUET, Nikzad ARABSHAHI and Michel DINUNZIO.

To begin with, Thierry Bruet surprises us by taking us to a whole new horizon bathed in calm and vibrant colors. Here, the ubiquitous scenes and other anachronisms that made him famous give way to realistic landscapes imbued with astonishing light. Thierry puts here his seasoned technique of oil painting at the service of a very personal “travel diary”. We discover the views that marked the peregrinations of Thierry Bruet and another facet of this multi-talented artist.

For his part, Nikzad Arabshahi focuses his attention on the visual translation of the effects of organic forms on his imagination. Inspired by chemistry and quantum physics, his works recall the bark of trees, expanding molecules or plant fibers, highlighted by a palette of autumnal colors. An ode to matter, to the molecular, to the very essence of Nature.

Michel Di Nunzio, meanwhile, sketches silhouettes and evokes the human body, which is probably the most complex creation of Mother Nature. Texture is at the heart of the artist’s work, reminiscent of metal or petrified wood. Ceramic is her favorite material, a material that is palpable and malleable, both subtle and fragile, carnal and dark, echoing the raw material: earth.