Thierry Bruet – Paris


Thierry Bruet, a Parisian artist for the past 35 years, has been notorious for his opulent paintings of classic inspiration, altogether filled with spirit, sarcasm and perfected observation.

His pungent and satirical work requires respite, radical overview and deep observation, while he creates a dialogue between the past and modernity. His references and inspiration drawn from the work of the Old Masters throughout Art History, are to be apprehended as a tribute filled with empathy.  The paintings of Thierry Bruet, depicting a natural yet scrutinized anachronism, create a non-linear reading process. With exalted virtuoso he creates large worldly portraits or monumental decorative pieces, very sought after by collectors and designer all over the world.

To quote François Gall : « Bruet is a Janus with two faces – one looking towards satire, caricature and grotesque ; the other in search of refinement and elegance. In his most accomplished paintings, he combines both. »

All of art history and modernity is revealed through his brushes and caustic eye. He magnificently combines the traditional oil painting technique with the sharp scalpel of a master of satire.

With his ever so scathing humor, Thierry Bruet plays and dupes Time and History while brilliantly imagining unexpected and offbeat encounters.

His “Anachronisms” are so assiduously created that our astounded eye enthuses at the sight of the whimsical realism of those extravagant scenes.