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Among the highlights of the 2018 program at CULTUREINSIDE GALLERY have been presented works of contemporary art and of modern art.

The upcoming Intermezzo is characterized by its diversity covering a broad spectrum of themes and artistic approaches in terms of choice of materials or media. Moreover it is a juxtaposition of works of modern and contemporary art, among the artists : Jacques Nestlé, Jean Starck, Agnès Boulloche, Thierry Bruet …


CULTUREINSIDE GALLERY is the destination in Luxembourg for art lovers and collectors to discover international contemporary works of art artworks selected by its director Gila PARIS, and its board of curators. By focusing specifically on international art of the last and current century, the gallery has set itself locally apart as a modern, dynamic and forward-thinking gallery.

We strongly focus in our program on the promotion of our international artists in a select number of categories : Painting, Drawing, Photographs, Sculptures and Editions which we exhibit regularly in our solo shows and at art fairs. Our considered approach and specialized knowledge lead clients to seek our advice on contemporary art. The gallery’s mission encompass the promotion of international private collectors’ assets as well as the diversification of portfolios with collections and new promising talents.